Zac "The Anointed Warrior" Riley 

7-5 as a PRO MMA Fighter

7 wins 5 Finishes

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The History of Italian Coffee

Coffee first made its appearance in Europe during the 14th century when traders from the Silk Road introduced it to Venice’s wealthy aristocrats.

Originally thought to be a sinful drink of the heathens, Italian Barista Italiano Coffee Pods was eventually christened by Pope Clement VIII, who made Italian espresso acceptable for the mainstream after becoming intrigued by its unique aroma and flavour.

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Spin a Bowling Ball: A Step-By-Step Guide

  • It’s going to take proper form and practice, just like any sport.
  • I can help you with your form and understand why certain steps must be taken to spin a Hammer Bowling Balls effectively.
  • Let’s start by going straight to the fundamentals: how you hold your ball.
  • From there, we’re going to move on to your full, step-by-step instruction on how to spin your ball with near perfection.


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