Where to Find the Fortnite Expedition Outpost Locations

In Fortnite, new challenges are unveiled each week of the Season containing a collection of different tasks and objectives from around the map. "Eliminate opponents at all Expedition Outposts" is one of the Fortnite Season 7 Week 4 challenges. If you're here, you're likely wondering where the Fortnite expedition outpost locations are in Fortnite Season 7. Well, don't worry, because we have all the answers for you below.

Just before looking for one, it's crucial that you simply know what specifically it really is you are looking for. An expedition outpost is usually a somewhat large, red, campsite-like structure.

It is fairly odd initially glance. Not really a developing and not pretty decoration. Regardless, it's a red bulbous structure having a white diamond logo on it, with antennas and a satellite on leading.

Inside every single outpost, there is a treasure chest inside. For the reason, that of that, along with the reality that there are actually most likely a minimum of a couple of dozen other individuals trying to get this challenge completed in your match at any provided moment, don't anticipate your trip to certainly one of these to become easy going.

You might likely run into no less than a single person - in all probability far more - and without the need of a gun, death will locate you quickly.

So, either drop the fastest to an expedition outpost to have a gun (hopefully) in the chest there or drop somewhere nearby where you can get your hands on a weapon.

With a weapon in hand, do away with an enemy at certainly one of these expedition outposts. Now you understand what an expedition outpost is and what you'll need to complete. Here's where these expedition outposts are in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Expedition Outpost 1

To seek out this outpost, head to Tomato Temple. After there, go northwest till you see the red outpost positioned in F3 around the map.

Expedition Outpost 2

Drop close to Pleasant Park. Head northeast until you get for the hill. Sitting on prime of this hill may be the outpost you're hunting for. It's located in section D3 from the map.

Expedition Outpost 3

Drop close to Polar Peak and head southeast. Virtually directly in between Shifty Shafts and Happy Hamlet is what you're hunting for. It is positioned in section D8 of the map.

Expedition Outpost 4

To seek out this outpost, head West of Paradise Palms till you attain the part of the map exactly where the grass and desert meet. Located straight in among Paradise Palms and Fatal Fields - section H8 on the map - would be the outpost you need to locate.

Expedition Outpost 5

On prime of a little hill west of Lonely Lodge, situated in section I5 around the map, is the red structure you're looking for.

Expedition Outpost 6

North from the football field, that is southwest of Pleasant Park, positioned partly in section C4 and partly in section B4, is the sixth outpost you may need to eradicate a person at.

Expedition Outpost 7

The seventh and final outpost is situated West of Dusty Divot on major of your somewhat large mountain-like hill. Positioned on the line of sections F5 and F6 around the map is definitely the final outpost you need to eradicate an individual at.

And that's all you will need to know about exactly where to discover all expedition outposts in Fortnite. If you are looking for a complete guide to Fortnite Season 7 Week 4, head to our guide. Sometimes buy fortnite save the world weapons when you need them can make things become easier.

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