What Are Your Build Plans For PoE 3.3 And Incursion

In Path of Exile, with all the new and reworked gems coming our way, what are your build plans for 3.3 and Incursion? Take a look at the players' ideas:

1. "I want to try some sort of bleed vaal/ground slam now that Ground slam is buffed and now that it can be ised with axes, want to try uul netols axe with it."

2. "I'm not gonna be original. I've never played a Trap char so it's prob gonna be my starter. Self-cast Elementalist because it's probably gonna be FotM and I've got a thing for spellcasters and for some reason PoE doesn't want me to play one. Not sure which spell, maybe fire maybe not but with Ignite I guess."

3. "I would love to start Blade vortex + Vaal BV elementalist, triple herald, inpulsa's etc. If I wasnt addicted to bow builds and magic finding. So with that in mind, im most definitely gonna start with full quantity Windripper deadeye and use new RoA/VRoA and Barrage single target."

4. "Freezing pulse totems. Cheap as gear, dumb powerful, single target kinda lacking but its w/e. Might just go GC totems if the single target becomes a problem in maps, I path right next to both AOE clusters so the map clear shouldn't be awful.

5. "Probably going to update my voidbolt/voidpulse (frostbolt/freezing pulse converted to chaos) self cast build (or update it with totems) Or mess around with a trapper. Might even end up rerolling my 9 ballista MoM hierophant because it was fun as hell."

6. "Depending on how good Siphoning trap is, was gonna go Scorching Ray Hiero phant with Ancestral bond, and Siphoning trap for support."

7. "League starter is looking more and more like Ele Flameblast every day. After that I've got plans for a trapper, and 2 bow characters (cast on crit asenaths chant assassin, and my hipster CI Champion). Anything else depends on how much time I get to play the league."

So, what do you guys think? If you want to get some path of exile guides, visit

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