The Way to Complete the Boogie Bomb and Presents Challenge

14 Days of Fortnite Day 7 Challenge

Now we have come to the Day 7 for of Epic Games' "14 Days Of Fortnite", which means the event is already half over, and the Day 7 challenge and reward are now available to unlock, and this one will require players to use the Boogie Bomb grenade and/or the new Present item a combined seven times.

How to use boogie bombs or presents in Fortnite

There is no requirement forcing players to utilize every in the two products a certain quantity of instances as long as the combined quantity of utilizes adds as much as seven. Furthermore, players do not need to use the Boogie Bomb against an opponent; just throwing it and activating the disco ball grenade is enough to count as a use for the purposes on the challenge. 

As for the new Presents, which act like gift shaped Port-a-Forts, throwing and spawning the giant gift may also count as a use for the challenge. 

Upon completion, players will obtain the Merry Munchkin pet as a reward, which is an angry little gingerbread character that sits in a chained bucket.

Players will wish to comprehensive the challenge and earn the reward due to the fact it could ultimately turn into uncommon and those who don't do the challenge could never ever get a different possibility at acquiring it. Buy Fortnite Items sometimes can make thing become easier.

Though the premise of your challenge seems uncomplicated sufficient, coming across Boogie Bombs and Presents may possibly take time, depending on the luck with the loot.

Presents can be located by means of chests, supply drops, and the random floor drops, although Boogie Bombs is usually identified via chests.

Even though players can't handle their luck in terms of finding these items, they are able to strengthen it by landing in places which have much more chests than other individuals, like Tilted Towers (35 chests) or Content Hamlet (26 chests). 

A full graphics displaying how numerous chests spawn it at each point of interest around the Fortnite map can be noticed below, courtesy of Reddit user 'Z444R.'

Fortnite fan map with chest locations

It will be a lot more themed challenges in store for players to complete, with yet another seven days to go for this 14 Days of Fortnite holiday event.

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