Path Of Exile Guide On Flipping Currency

In Path of Exile, in terms of flipping currency, you may would like to ask the following questions:

1. What is the minimum requirement to start flipping? How much of each currency is needed to flip comfortably?

There is no real minimum requirement for flipping but currency flipping usually means small gains (like 1-2 fuses or alchs) per trade. The more you have the more you can flip and you also can offer bigger volumes (most people rather buy several hundreds of chromes than just 20).

2. Is flipping items, or flipping currency better in the long run?

Flipping currency is consistent but you do that and only that most of the times. You can do bigger volume trades but even then you have to be active flipping. That means able to leave maps quick, cant do bosses in that time etc. Flipping items usually means snipping cheap, get uncrafted items and craft and sell higher etc. this requires a lot of knowledge of values, price changes, meta, different builds etc. however its something you can do while playing.

3. What should the first step be to flipping currency?

First thing to do is learn about ratios. Flipping isn't something to just do. Each time you log on you need to check ratios, change your prices, be patient for trades, cant play etc. The setup time is also quite long so nothing you want to do if you got an hour to invest when half of it goes into preparation.

4. Should I just play the game?

And last yes. I never flipped, crafted, offered services and the last 3 leagues I was able to accumulate roughly over 300ex in each of those (mirror + HH + random stuff) by just playing the game. Lucky drops will come anyway. The question is what do you enjoy in PoE? Do you actually want to play the game or sit in your HO for days? Don't forget that Sale Cheap POE Currency, POE Orbs, POE Items.

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