Please lingerie China don't tell us these are for Mark Wright's benefit Lauren...

If ever we lose track of what day it is, we have a look at the latest TOWIE pictures to pop into our inboxes. Christmas? There'll be Lauren Pope and the others hanging about in some sexy Santa outfits. Hallowe'en? Scary outfits that also happen to be sexy: done.

So it's no surprise that with Valentine's Day just around the corner, Lauren Goodger has been spotted out and about casually picking up some sexy red pants in full view of some waiting photographers.

If we didn't already know that it was the 13th of February by the MASSIVE QUEUE OF MEN WITH TEDDY BEARS (come on - a bit of imagination guys) coming out of Clinton Cards at lunch, Lauren would have just done us a massive favour. (Photo: Flynet)

But something's not quite adding up here. Because since splitting from her ex boyfriend Mark Wright, Lauren's been 100% single. And much as that doesn't mean you should just sit around in grubby grey pants on the 14th, it is very very cold, so we'd probably go for a pyjama. (Photo: Flynet) (Photo: Flynet)

But Lauren - who was doing her shopping at somewhere called Boux Avenue in London - also seemed to have bought a lot of lingerie. We know this because she had three bags with her, and since the pants were tiny and the bags were massive, we have worked out that she's set for every sexy night she fancies having between now and around 2017.

Now we just need to know who she's planning to have her sexy nights with. Is there a new fella on the horizon? Or is that pesky Mark Wright getting a sneaky little visit tomorrow night? On the basis that everything that happens in her life is filmed by a TV crew, we should be able to tell you very shortly.

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