James and husband Niall Leonard at the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey

At first glance, you might mistake Erika Mitchell for a rather ordinary housewife. However, as she holds court in the bar of a five star hotel in Vancouver, Canada, there are a few clues to put you right.

Erika is better known as E. L. Her series of novels, most famously Fifty Shades Of Grey, featuring the twisted domination fantasies of millionaire Christian Grey, have made her stinking rich.

In her ears glitter diamond studs, she wears a white gold 2,250 Cartier link bracelet and her Prada reading glasses are perched on a Brazilian blow dry that she is at pains to maintain, expensively.

Keeping her topped up with ice cold ros, Aperol spritz and peach Bellinis is a full time assistant who accompanies her everywhere.

Another clue that this is no ordinary woman is that she is frequently to be found socialising with Dana Brunetti a young producer infamous in LA for his flashier than thou persona (he has three Ferraris) bracelet cartier love occasion.

Michael De Luca, a producer of the Fifty Shades film, calls Brunetti a 'great Erika whisperer' because he is able to handle her so well. De Luca also notes Brunetti had to play peacemaker between E. L. James and the big shot director Sam Taylor Johnson on the first Fifty Shades film, which came out last year to mixed reviews.

Taylor Johnson revealed that she and James 'battled all the way through' the shooting of the first movie. In the end, despite lukewarm reviews, the movie took 400 million worldwide.

Taylor Johnson has been replaced with someone who will translate James's mega selling bonkbusters on to the screen in a way which is more to her liking. She is, by all accounts, queen of the film set.

T here have been many highlights during her lavish sojourn in North America, including a karaoke session with the racy British pop star and actress Rita Ora late one night, private jet trips to Las Vegas and a weekend in the ski resort of Whistler.

Her husband Niall who fondly calls his wife 'Her Jamesness' and 'my dragon' has largely been left at home in Ealing, West London, looking after their two West Highland terriers.

Those who observe that James is 'bossy' or 'domineering' are told with a snort: 'Where do you think Christian Grey gets it from?'

Dakota Johnson starred as Ana in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, based on Erika's books

And while all of this has been going on, the money has been pouring in. Accounts released last week show her company Fifty Shades Limited earned 30 million last year.

The 53 year old pocketed 4.8 million, paid a tax bill of 5 million and made charity donations of 1 million, but was still left with a profit of 19 million for the year to September 30, 2015.

The company's balance sheet stands at an eye watering profit of 52 million. As you might expect, they are agog at this turn of events back in her neck of the woods in Ealing.

Indeed, though she and her husband have not bought a yacht or private jet a la Philip Green, there has been a rather obvious boom in their fortunes cartier love bracelet yellow gold.

They live in a double fronted six bedroom house, bought for 2.65 million three years ago. It's now said to be worth nearly 4 million.

She also still owns the modest 350,000 terrace house nearby, where she and her family lived when she was writing the blockbuster books.

In 2013, she bought a 1.13 million Cornish getaway in fashionable Polzeath replica cartier love bracelet, and they are turning it into a modernistic, luxurious retreat complete with a sauna and surfboard storage room.

She and Niall remain in many ways the classic well heeled, Guardian reading couple they always were. She calls him 'Mr Grumpy' and neighbours say they are habitually rather downbeat in demeanour.

Local trader John Martin said: 'What's great is that she shops locally, her family have lived round here for a long time and it's nice she keeps to her roots.'

However, many have noticed that a serious programme of improvements is underway at the James mansion including a new four car garage and the construction of a guest house in the garden.

They have bought an electric red Tesla sports car, worth 50,000, a VW Touareg runaround and a Mini. One neighbour said that they have a Porsche estate car, too.

One of the vehicle's numberplate ends in 'SXY'.

Another neighbour said: 'Their house is beautiful and has lots of old features. When you are there you know immediately that you're sitting on furniture you could never afford.

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