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EAS anti-theft tags are likewise designed to allow it to become extremely difficult

Century Europe’s EAS systems are versatile and gives a multi-alarm technology clothes eas. Our EAS security gates can cover wide aisles, possess a modern design and will be customized to your décor. We do not just offer EAS antennas, tags and labels, and also cable tags and security keepers (boxes) plus much more. We develop, produce and offer every component ourselves, including however, not limited to detection systems, deactivators, labels and detachers. This ensures an honest high-performance of each and every EAS system. Excellent detection, an ideal product display and customer-friendly entrance are guaranteed.

Electronic article surveillance helps shop keepers to protect their assets as well as reduce shrinkage. Besides, stores can help to save considerably on operational costs by integrating source tagging to the production and still provide chain. EAS solutions are applied in numerous markets around the globe, having a variety of technologies. Below please find out about three markets during which EAS systems can be employed.

Easy to setup and operate for store employees - challenging to remove or deactivate for shoplifters: EAS systems focus on quick and intuitive installation, while attaching, removing and deactivating tags is definitely a straightforward method that takes store employees only seconds. Conversely, EAS anti-theft tags are likewise designed to allow it to become extremely difficult for just a shoplifter to clear out or deactivate one.

Enables a receptive display of products: Retail goods on open display give customers better having access to those that are located in displays or located behind counters check this link . This helps them examine the products and get a tactile feel for them-particularly when store personnel aren’t available to assist. Ultimately, open displays will help you to boost sales-and by using EAS anti-theft systems, achieve this without incurring inventory shrink from shoplifting.

Supermarkets & mass merchandise stores are transforming themselves into smart stores from recent past for providing better shopping experience. To match together with the pace of changing shopping behavior and also the emergence of latest trends, many store operators are adopting technologies in their supply chain as well as into their storefronts, thereby trialing new delivery models, developing private labels, and forming partnerships with leading internet connectivity providers to improve their market presence. The performance with the supermarket and mass merchandise sector is determined to further improve inside the coming years. Growing requirement for EAS systems to counteract theft and shoplifting incidents is predicted to drive the adoption of EAS systems in this particular segment.

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