Cologne CEO: Looking forward to solving the problem with Modest

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Cologne CEO Alexander Weller hopes to negotiate with Tianjin Tianhai on matters related to Modest and reach a settlement within two weeks.

At present, due to the dispute between Modest and Tianjin Tianhai (formerly Tianjin Quanjian) club, he still can't play for Cologne. The Cologne CEO hopes to solve this problem within two weeks, so that Modest can be in the second half of the season. Cheng played to help the team.

Cologne has found a new negotiating object from Tianhai, because the original club owner Shu Yihui was arrested by the Tianjin Sports Bureau after being arrested for his pharmaceutical scandal. Cologne CEO Weller said: "We are negotiating with the club's new high-level, our goal is to find a solution as soon as possible, hope to reach a settlement within a week or two."

Before the closure of the winter window on January 31, it was difficult for Cologne to solve the matter through legal means. FIFA did not issue a permit to Cologne Moder and did not give a basis for the decision. Explain that Modest has no reasonable grounds for resolving the contract. If Cologne wants to appeal to the International Sports Arbitration Court, they need to find at least one legitimate reason.

Cologne has signed Geith and Keinz from Schalke and Bremen. They are currently ranked 2nd behind Germany in Germany and are expected to return to the Bundesliga next season.  The clothes of the player team of this article can be purchased here:football jerseys

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