Zac "The Anointed Warrior" Riley 

7-5 as a PRO MMA Fighter

7 wins 5 Finishes

Well TOC 8 is a memory, Zac did his best but fell short of what he wanted to acomplish. In the NO-GI 134.9 lbs. and under mens advanced division, Zac was eliminated in the first match in a very close match with the eventual winner of the division...

In the GI Blue Belt 134.9 lbs. and under division, Zac gave a great effort but fell short and came up 4th in the division.

Zac also gave his all in the absalute but came up just a little short.

All in all a great tournament, a few big names were there Ed Herman from UFC fame and Mike Nickols also from the Ultimate Fighter had fighters competing. Really an outstanding tournament my hat comes off again to Seth Danials and his crew for pulling off a really awesome event. Looking forward to the next step in Zac's training, back to the gym to train and learn.......

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